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What's the deal with the Child's Play remake? Don Mancini spills some details!

10.26.2010by: Jared Pacheco

One project we haven't heard from in a while is the supposed CHILD'S PLAY remake that's floating around Hollywood. The last info we got on this potential project came way back in September 2008. I kid you not folks, September 2008! So what's been going on with this little diddy? Well not much but we do have somewhat of an update today!

You see the guys over at Screen Junkies had a chance to sit down with CHILD'S PLAY head honcho Don Mancini and of course they got around to asking the man what the deal was with this remake. So what did he have to say? Check it:

"Iím personally open to other things but I think [a reboot is] what the studio wants, because this movie [SEED OF CHUCKY] didnít do very well so I think the feeling is that Chuckyís viability, his future is in the more straightforward horror vein. I was talking about the rights issues before, I don't think itís necessarily what weíll end up doing as a strict remake. I think weíll reboot it in the sense that it will just be more conventionally scary and it will only be Chucky and we wonít have Tiffany and Glen, but it wonít necessarily be a strict remake."

As far as changing Chucky's origins, this is what Mancini had to say:

"Weíve explored a number of different possible scenarios. Iím definitely pushing to go in a very disturbing direction because I feel like if weíre going to go back to it being a horror movie, letís make it really disturbing."

Horror? Disturbing? Damn sounds like I could definitely get behind this one! What says you guys? Is this CHILD'S PLAY reboot sounding like something you might be interested in? Be sure to hit us with your thoughts on the whole thing below and don't forget to head on over to Screen Junkies for the rest of the interview. As always as soon as we hear more regarding CHILD'S PLAY or anything else Chucky related we'll be sure to pass the news along to all of you.

Extra Tidbit: BRIDE OF CHUCKY and SEED OF CHUCKY star Jennifer Tilly (above) is actually a pro poker player.
Source: Screen Junkies



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