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Wheels spinning on remake of Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive

12.14.2010by: Alex DiVincenzo

In addition to the news of a FIRESTARTER remake heating up, Variety dropped word of another redux of a Stephen King adaptation in the same article: De Laurentis Co. is developing a new version of MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE.

Despite having his works adapted into over 100 films and TV shows, King has only stepped behind the camera to direct once - and it was for MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE in 1986. Based on his short story "Trucks", the original is about a group of people trying to stop killer semi-trailers and other machines.

This doesn't really seem like the kind of flick worth remaking. While not a bad picture, the most memorable part of the original is AC/DC's soundtrack. With technology a much larger part of our lives these days, hopefully the machines-coming-alive plot will be expanded upon.

The project receives a mere passing reference in the article, stating that it is in some stage of development. We will keep you updated as details surface.

Paula Abdul's ex-husband, Emilio Estevez, starred in MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE.

Extra Tidbit: De Laurentis Co. is also working on the long-delayed BARBARELLA remake.
Source: Variety



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