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Where's Happy Birthday?

06.26.2009by: Mike Catalano
So what the hellís up with this supposed remake of 1981ís HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME? I know that at the beginning of the month, Mr. Ammon let us know that the flick was going to be filmed in 3D for Lionsgate. The 3D aspect worked so amazingly well for L-gateís MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D, so I get the point. However, it was said that MY BLOODYís sequel was scrapped in order to remake BIRTHDAY. Huh?

Well, if that notion sounds pretty odd to you too, thereís good reason. Because now, the folks over at Shock have learned that a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME remake is currently not set up at any studios anywhere. Not Lionsgate, Sony, or Screen Gems. So where did all this 3D hub-bub come from? Your guess is as good as mine. I mean, itís not like a studio would want to keep a project like this a huge secret.

Regardless, letís just say that we can put HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME to rest for the time being. I donít see anything wrong with eventually bringing it to the big screen again. It certainly worked for MY BLOODY V.

MBVís Betsy Rue had the coolest/bravest nude scene of the year!

Extra Tidbit: I canít believe Iíve yet to see the original HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.
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