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08.25.2009by: Jared Pacheco
This weekend HALLOWEEN 2 and THE FINAL DESTINATION are gearing up to have an old fashioned grudge match in the box office. Considering the magnitude of these two films... another genre battle has seemed to have been overlooked. Just two weeks after Michael Myers and Death duke it out we've got Kate Beckinsale battling a bunch of hotties! I'm talking WHITEOUT versus SORORITY ROW! Now I just got done giving you a SORORITY ROW update so I've gone ahead and decided to toss you a little something on WHITEOUT as well!

Over in our videos section you'll find four brand new TV spots for Dominic Sena's WHITEOUT courtesy of The spots are titled "No Escape," "New Way To Die," "Fear," and "See Your Last Breath." I'm really digging those last two. Very dark and subtle. Anyway you can go ahead and scroll down to check those out. WHITEOUT hits theaters the same day as SORORITY ROW - September 11th!

WHITEOUT TV Spot #1 - "No Escape"

WHITEOUT TV Spot #2 - "New Way To Die"

WHITEOUT TV Spot #3 - "Fear"

WHITEOUT TV Spot #4 - "See Your Last Breath"

Extra Tidbit: WHITEOUT is based on a graphic novel.
Source: TheMovieBox



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