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11.24.2006by: Scott Carmichael

The guys over at Fangoria have recently turned me onto this film festival held once a month in Los Angeles called THE GRINDHOUSE FILM FESTIVAL, and so now I'm passing on the info to you!

The festival which is hosted once a month Eric Caiden and Brian Quinn allows people to view exploitation films from the 50's and 60's for only $7.00 a showing. Pretty cool considering your always guaranteed a double feature.

The next one is being held Dec.10 and will be in Vegas. The films being shown are the 196 movie BLOOD FEAST about an Egyptian caterer trying to bring an Egyptian goddess to life by scarifying young women to her and the 1970 film I DRINK YOUR BLOOD, which is about a Satanic motorcycle gang that terrorizes a small town.

What these two guys are doing is great. A lot of these films would never see the light of day if it wasn't for people like this. So click here to check out their MySpace page and if you happen to be in Vegas on the 10th, check the flicks out.

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