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Who's up for Jaws in Cinemark theaters nationwide Thursday?

08.21.2012by: Ike Oden

Alright, people. Letís see a show of hands: who here has laid down good money for Universalís recent JAWS special edition Blu-ray?†Thatís a lot. Okay, who here is planning on picking up the Blu-ray pretty soon?†Hmm. I see. Okay, final question: who here thinks that JAWS would still be worth checking out on the big screen? Whatís that? Everybody?

Then todayís our lucky day, because Universal is teaming with Cinemark to re-distribute the film into 150 theaters this Thursday. In celebration of Universalís 100th anniversary, the restored version of JAWS will be scheduled to play on Thursday, August 23, 2012, at two separate show times, 2 pm and 7pm in Cinemark theaters across the country.

James Meredith, VP of marketing for Cinemark, hails the release with great enthusiasm: ďWith this incredible restoration, fans now have the opportunity to see one of Hollywoodís legendary films in crystal clear digital projection and incredible surround sound. Some of our locations will be featuring these titles on our Cinemark XD Extreme Digital Cinema screen!Ē You read that right-- the digital projection of the fully restored JAWS, and some of them will be on those big-ass XD screens. Thatís the kinda difference that makes a 20-footer look like a 25.

Seriously, guys, should I just RSVP us all as one big group? Weíd have to organize into carpools, maybe figure out a good seating arrangement (dibs on the middle aisle). I think it would be worth it-- JAWS isnít just any movie. Itís THE movie. One of the best ever made-- endlessly quotable, scary, enthralling, and iconic. Purchasing a ticket to this Thursday's screening should be more obvious than shoving an oxygen tank into an open shark mouth.

If not, head over to Cinemark for more details and screenings near you. And hey-- how about a trailer to get us in the mood?

Extra Tidbit: Oh, Chrissy Watkins, that's no way for a skinny dip to end.



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