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Willis gets Grimm

05.21.2009by: Jared Pacheco

Way back in November we told you about a flick called GRIMM. Well it's half a year later and we've finally got some more GRIMM updates for you all!

The updates I speak of consist of a star and a detailed synopsis! And what a star! Action legend and all around god Bruce Willis will apparently be starring in the flick according to Omega Entertainment's official website! Yes, John McClane himself stepping back into our beloved genre. In my eyes Willis can do no wrong so color me stoked at this news! And that's not all... here's the very detailed synopsis that also popped up on Omega's website:

Marburg, Massachusetts, USA - Teenager Katie O'Sullivan goes to a new babysitting job. Instead of a regular family, she encounters ghostly twins Henry and Grace and a terrifying apparition that drags her off towards a sinister tower. She is never seen again.

Soon afterwards, Pat Quinn and his family move to the seemingly idyllic town, where he is the new Police Chief. His second wife Ella has two daughters from her first marriage and Quinn has a daughter, Megan, and son, John, from his. On their very first evening John encounters the strange twins, as well as a huge frog, which he brings back to the house. Quinn makes him take it back to the pond where he found it, but that night a wet, naked young man forces his way into the house and Megan's bedroom. He vanishes before Quinn sees him, leaving behind a slimy trail. From this moment on, Megan and John notice strange things and people in the town, but when they talk about them, nobody believes them. Only Professor Kurland, who approaches Quinn to show him pictures of Katie and two other teenagers who went missing at the same time, thinks they're telling the truth. He warns Quinn that bad things happen to youngsters in this town.

One day, Megan and her best friend Ruth go to visit Ruth's grandmother. A wolf-like creature attacks them, having already savaged the grandmother. Ruth is torn limb from limb and Megan barely escapes with her life. As mysterious and frightening happenings occur one after the other, Quinn starts to believe there may be sinister forces at work in Marburg, but will he discover who or what is behind it all in time to save his family?

Ghostly twins, huge frogs, babysitters, wolf-like creatures, and savaged grandmothers... throw Bruce Willis in there and we've got something! Seriously... does this flick sound deliciously twisted or is it just me! You can also check out the first poster for the flick above! Make sure to keep it here for any and all updates we hear on Russell Mulcahy's GRIMM!

Extra Tidbit: Willis' last step into our genre was GRINDHOUSE's PLANET TERROR.
Source: OEGroup



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