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Winner: Pandorum!

09.25.2009by: The Arrow

WINNER CHOSEN: Dylan Guiles of Winnipeg, MB, Canada has won the contest for his creative submission:

"Greetings, this is Sergeant. Gyles of the Space-Science Space Fleet scout ship Millennium Falcon, currently marooned on the planet Alpha Seti V. Our ship crash landed here 30 space years ago, with our original crew of 40. However our AI computer HAL went crazy and killed about half of us, and many more were slowly picked off by Xenomorphs and Predators. Myself and Sergeant Pinbacker are the only ones left, and ironically he is an alien that human beings are currently at war with, making him an ENEMY of MINE. Most of my clothes were destroyed along with the ship so I could really use that jump suit to help protect me from the sand storms in the DUNES of this desert planet. Thank you for you consideration. The Spice Must Flow. End Transmission."

Check your Inbox Dylan! And thanks to all who entered.


Christian Alvert's PANDORUM will spook the screens on September 25th and we got a groovy contest for ya! The prize? DENNIS QUAID'S COSTUME in the film. You heard me! Am talking: the dark blue jump suit - gray shirt - utility belt and boots that The Quaid wore while hunting beasties. See a pic of the get-up below and a brand new clip of Quaid in his digs doing his thing. Yes you can look and BE as cool as that!

So how do nab this sucka? Easy. Send us an e-mail HERE, write THE QUAID as your subject header, include your contact info (full name - home address) and a REASON AS TO WHY you should get to own Quaid's wear. The person with the best/original response wins. The contest will wrap up on FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 25th (the day the film opens) so enter quick! PANDORUM stars Ben Foster, Dennis Quaid and Cam Gigandet and you can see the film's TRAILER HERE and visit its OFFICIAL SITE HERE.


Extra Tidbit: Pandorum opens today!
Source: AITH



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