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06.09.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
A couple of weeks ago hottie Kate Beckinsale let it slip to MTV that she won't be in the upcoming UNDERWORLD 3. That sent just about everyone I knew into hysteria, as UNDERWORLD without Beckinsale is like saying THE TERMINATOR without Arnold Schwarzenegger. Today her husband, writer/director Len Wiseman, talked with iFMagazine about this, and confirmed the rumor- Beckinsale is out for part 3!

The third film is going to be a prequel. It will be the origin story and we find out things we didnít know about Lucian; heíll have a much bigger part in it. It will be about the creation [of the races] and what started the war. It will be a period piece. In terms of the writing, a lot of the writing has been done. Weíve been developing UNDERWORLD 3 for a while. I wonít be directing UNDERWORLD 3; Iím just going to be producing and writing.

He then goes on to say that it all takes place before Beckinsale's character was ever in existence, in an entirely different time period. This is a sad day indeed- and a bummer. As it looks like not only are we jacked outta Beckinsale, but we're jacked out of Wiseman as director! I mean, it's great he's writing and producing it and all, but with the wrong director, all that doesn't matter.

Of course, from the sounds of it, he has a good reason not to be directing part 3... as he's been asked to director DIE HARD 4! Very f*ckin' cool. To read the entire interview, in which he goes more into his new gig with Bruce Willis, go ahead and click HERE.
Source: iFMagazine



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