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With Lords Of Salem almost ready to roll Zombie announces Richard Lynch and John Five are also on board

10.10.2011by: Marcey Papandrea

Seriously, can we handle any more updates? Rob Zombie has slowly been announcing the cast for his latest LORDS OF SALEM in the lead up to the start of shooting. Surely there can’t be much left to announcement, as the shoot is starting next week!

Over the weekend Zombie announced Richard Lynch and John Five were on board. A strange combo there, but I am just drooling over Richard Lynch, he is such a great actor!

With only 9 days to go until cameras roll on THE LORDS OF SALEM I thought it was time to let another cast member out into the wild. RICHARD LYNCH has signed on to play Reverend John Hawthorne another key player in the saga of THE LORDS. He along with Judge Mather get down to some serious business. Christ, these two are the heroes?

A soundtrack that shreds. Guitar God JOHN FIVE has signed on as the composer of THE LORDS OF SALEM.

"John totally understands the vibe of the film and is the perfect choice to create the music".

Any guesses as to who else might be announced? Surprised we haven't seen Sid Haig or Bill Moseley yet, is Zombie finally getting right out of that comfort zone?

Extra Tidbit: This sounds quite different to Zombie's other films, are you excited?
Source: Rob Zombie



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