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With MGM cleaning shop, could there really be a Poltergeist 4 on the way?

02.24.2011by: Jake Dee

Buried at the bottom of a Variety article last week, which highlighted MGM's newfangled development slate, it's seems one of the best less-is-more horror flicks ever assembled might be getting a third sequel treatment. I'll just ask upfront, you down with a POLTERGEIST 4?!?

Well, along with the oft-covered ROBOCOP reboot and three other projects (which don't really pertain to AITH, save for maybe Peter Berg's HERCULES), it seems MGM may continue with the spooky travails of the Freeling family. No, really!

Of course, we know a POLTERGEIST film hasn't lit up screens since 1988, when the vastly inferior third installment all but killed the franchise. If you ask our man Ammon though, it's his favorite of the bunch. Me, I'm a reverend Kane man from part 2, which, for my money, is the scariest part of all of the POLTERGEIST efforts to date.

No MGM rep would confirm nor deny such a claim about a 4th POLTERGEIST film being developed, and Variety was quite short of details as well. Still, with the success of suburban haunted house flicks like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, I wouldn't be shocked in the least to see this sucker get made.

Question is, where's Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg in all this?

Extra Tidbit: Lara Flynn Boyle (above), star of POLTERGEIST III.
Source: Variety



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