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Wolf Creek 2 sales poster blatantly steals from Evil Dead one-sheet

May. 14, 2013by: Eric Walkuski

Take two seconds to glance at the new sales poster for WOLF CREEK 2, and it's not hard to tell where the inspiration for the design comes from: the EVIL DEAD one-sheet. Hell, right down to the tagline, more or less. In fact, it's so similar, that I'm tempted to believe the people behind it are being somewhat cheeky, like "so what if we're stealing it - we stand by it, dammit!"

Not unlike that evil bastard Mick Taylor, they've got some balls.

Here's what WOLF CREEK 2 is about:

Seeking to experience the real Australia, backpackers Rutger and Katarina hitchhike off the main tourist route to the awe-inspiring Wolf Creek crater. A place that's also the hunting ground of psychopathic pig-shooter Mick Taylor: the last man any outback traveller wants to meet.

After a chilling attack in the dead of night, the crazed bushman pursues his prey in an epic, white-knuckled rampage across hostile wasteland that pushes his victims to the brink of madness. When Mick locks onto his prey, nothing -- and no-one -- can stand in his way.

Directed by Greg McLean, WOLF CREEK 2 stars John Jarratt, Ryan Corr, Shannon Ashlyn and Philipe Klaus.

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