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Work to resume on new Friday the 13th; producer Brad Fuller tweets timeline

07.16.2013by: Kevin Woods

Last month we shared the news that Platinum Dunes had teamed with Paramount for another entry in the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise, and today we have word on when we may actually see some movement on the return of Jason Voorhees.

Earlier this morning Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller took to Twitter to respond to a question, where he gave us some insight as to when work may begin on the long-awaited slasher film.

NICE! Hopefully we'll be hearing a follow-up to this nugget of news soon as we're always up for another go 'round with our favorite hockey mask wearing madman. As always, we'll keep you posted on what we hear!

Extra Tidbit: Spit back with what you'd like to see from a new FRIDAY THE 13th flick!



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