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World War Z gearing up for June production start in Malta and UK

05.25.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Looks like Z Day is finally coming.

According to Screen Daily, production on Marc Forster's long-awaited WORLD WAR Z will begin in Malta in late June before heading to the UK. Shooting in Hungary is scheduled to begin in early October.

The film will star Brad Pitt as a UN researcher conducting interviews with survivors of a global war between humans and zombies.

Anthony Mackie and Mireille Enos also (reportedly) star in the film.

The screenplay for WORLD WAR Z was penned by J. Michael Straczynski (THOR) and Matthew Michael Carnahan (THE KINGDOM). Pittís Plan B is producing with David Ellisonís Skydance Productions, while Paramount will distribute.

Screen Daily also reports that Paramount is planning to release the film in 2014, which seems a little far off if they're shooting this summer. Perhaps they meant 2013? In any event, the story of the zombie apocalypse will now be told...

Mireille Enos

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Source: Screen Daily



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