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Worldwide Film Entertainment takes on eco-creature-feature Shock Attack

10.16.2012by: Jake Dee

What the f*ck is a SHOCK ATTACK...

What a title. Worldwide Film Entertainment is making such a movie, a $1-3 million creature feature to be directed Jaclyn Chessen and starring Anya Prinz. The flick is currently in pre-production, though fully funded, and looks to come out sometime in 2013. As you can see in the margin, we have an equally asinine promo poster for the flick below.

Penned by Nicole Lopatin, SHOCK ATTACK occurs when:

A well-meaning scientist's attempt to develop a green source of energy unleashes a Frankenstein from the sea. Creature design by Marcelino Newquist (THE AVENGERS, MEN IN BLACK 3).

Not much else is known about the flick, save it being produced by Kimberly Hooper. Oh and that it's apparently against green energy sources. But will it rival THE BAY for eco-awareness? How about the lost 70s flick PROPHECY?

Extra Tidbit: Ever suffer a shock attack?
Source: WFE



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