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Wrong Turn again

07.13.2006by: Matt Withers
The freshly reborn Dread Central has tossed up a report from the set of WRONG TURN 2 that's well worth a look. I gotta say that while I thought the original was OK, I'm actually finding myself strangely excited for the sequel. Watching that backwoods clan go toe-to-toe with a reality show's contestants just makes me smile.

Lots of good info from the write up, including the news that almost all of the effects will be practical, but I'll let the flavor of the article speak for itself:

Ultimately with any sequel what it comes down to is amping up the kills and the excitement while at the same time trying to make it at least as believable, if not more so, than the original. This is a task [director] Joe Lynch was more then up for, and his excitement about the materiel he’s directing served to make all the energy and high spirits on set down right infectious... everyone agreed that Wrong Turn 2 is shaping up to be a worthy follow-up to its predecessor and something that fans will get behind to show their support.

So don't be shy about clicking here to read about all the madness. And don't be shy about clicking anywhere you want on co-star Erica Leerhsen's body below. Sure it won't do anything, but you can always dream.

Source: Dread Central



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