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X-Men's Lucas Till set to star in werewolf thriller Wolves

08.02.2012by: Eric Walkuski

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS' Havok is about to enter the dog days of summer.

Lucas Till is in talks to join WOLVES, a werewolf flick that will be directed by David Hayter (who, as it happens, wrote Bryan Singer's X-MEN).

WOLVES centers on a young man (Till), who transforms into a werewolf and finds himself falsely accused of murdering his parents. He goes on the run, eventually arriving at a small town named Lupine Ridge that has a history of supernatural happenings. There he finds the secrets to his past.

Benedict Carver of Entertainment One is producing with Copperhead Entertainment’s Steve Hoban, (GINGER SNAPS).

A mid September shoot in Toronto is being planned.

Till's X-MEN co-star January Jones

Extra Tidbit: David Hayter also co-wrote the screenplays for WATCHMEN and THE SCORPION KING.
Source: THR



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