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Yes Robo-Aronofsky?

12.19.2008by: Jared Pacheco

UPDATE: Our stepfather site JoBlo.com just reported that Darren is still attached to ROBOCOP: "I was assured by a separate, highly credible source that things are moving along quite well with ROBOCOP, Darren is very happy with the progress and no one is going anywhere."

ROBOCOP is a violently awesome action flick from the 80s... which generally means we're big fans here at AITH! So with all this talk of remaking the classic movie, you know we'll let you in on any updates. We brought you the news when it was first announced ROBOCOP was in line for a rehaul... and we even told you about director extraordinaire Darren Aronofsky signing on to bring us the film.

Now what would usually be horrible news (a ROBOCOP remake?!) quickly became acceptable to most (yay Aronofsky!). Well now I think it's safe to say this remake might fall into the 'screw that' category. Why? Well because Mr. Aronofsky seems like he could possibly be on his way off the project. MIND YOU this isn't even close to being for sure... just a gut feeling after a guest call-in by Aronofsky to THE HOWARD STERN SHOW. Obviously this was to promote Aronofsky's THE WRESTLER, but when the subject of ROBOCOP came up... That's when things got antsy.

Aronofsky mentioned how he's currently working on the script but didn't sound too optomistic, throwing phrases like 'not sure' and 'we'll see' around. Ouch! Not good at all! I'm part of the majority who feel a ROBOCOP remake was acceptable with a guy with Aronofsky's talent involved. If he moves on, this remake will definitely be a bad bad thing. Now as of now, Aronofsky is still entirely attached, so take all this with a grain of salt.

But still... it's a painful thought. Unless they can get a director with Aronofsky's skills I think it's safe to assume this remake would turn out horrible. David Cronenberg's name has been thrown around, or imagine Christopher Nolan? I'd be game for names like that. But with our luck we'll get a guy like Uwe Boll.

So let's keep our fingers crossed that Aronofsky's interest in ROBOCOP really picks up and hope we're in for something great. Keep it here for any updates on this as we hear them.

Source: JoBlo/AITH



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