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Yet another zombie comedy on the way: Attack of the Herbals!

05.25.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Tired of zombies yet? How about zombie comedies? Too bad, because you're just gonna get more and more. Recently we've written about the undead goofs LITTLE BIT ZOMBIE and THE CURSE OF BUXOM STRUMPET, but this one here threatens to outdo them both: It's a little ditty called ATTACK OF THE HERBALS.

Via a press release: Camelot Entertainment Group, Inc., Camelot Distribution Group, and DarKnight Pictures announced today that its newest acquisition, ATTACK OF THE HERBALS, sparked much interest at Cannes. DarKnight Pictures acquired this zombie comedy just before the Marche du film.

“We feel that this is an amazing find for the company and the marketplace,” stated Camelot Co-President Michael Kananack. “ATTACK OF THE HERBALS is a completely unique and clever horror comedy that could just be the Scottish Shaun of the Dead.”

Produced by Clear Focus Movies, ATTACK OF THE HERBALS follows two unlikely heroes who stumble upon a mysterious crate, washed ashore. The locals find that the contents make an addictive herbal tea that turns the villagers into kill crazy zombies.

The film is still in post-production and due to be ready by late summer/ early fall. For now, feast on the promo trailer below.

Extra Tidbit: Favorite zom-com OTHER than SHAUN OF THE DEAD..?
Source: Camelot



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