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You can listen to John Carpenter's Lost Themes II right freaking now

04.01.2016by: Brennan Klein

John Carpenter shocked the world by releasing his first Lost Themes album, so now that we have Lost Themes II, the world feels like a truly magical place. And just when you thought things couldn't get any better, the entire album is now streaming for free via NPR, prior to its release on April 15th. You can get your fill of gothic synth rock right now! What are you waiting for?

Listen to a couple sample tracks below and CLICK HERE to check out the full album!

Here's the tracklist:

  1. Distant Dream 
  2. White Pulse
  3. Persia Rising
  4. Angel's Asylum
  5. Hofner Dawn
  6. Windy Death
  7. Dark Blues
  8. Virtual Survivor
  9. Bela Lugosi
  10. Last Sunrise
  11. Utopian Facade
  12. Real Xeno (Bonus Track)

You can pre-order the album on Amazon HERE or on iTunes HERE. Click HERE to check for tour dates.

Extra Tidbit: Which track is your favorite?
Source: NPR



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