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Your favorite slasher villains show you why butter is evil

11.19.2012by: Ike Oden

Okay, maybe "evil" is a strong word, but that seems to be the comparison being made by Alch1m1a ADV and health supplement company Bioenergy Nutrition.

Their anti-butter campaign takes such icons as Jason, Ghostface, and Jigsaw (well, um, his puppet anyway) and butter sculpts them into a metaphor for America's ultumate killer-- high cholesterol. Note the wacky, exaggerated caricature features. I'm pretty sure that style may be to avoid copyright infringement, but it's an amusing choice nonetheless.

The ads certainly have a novelty factor that makes 'em worth a look. Do so below and, for God's sake, go easy on the fatty foods, will ya?

Extra Tidbit: I was going to add a sexy photo for this one, but I searched "sexy butter" and the results were uniformly horrifying. So never do that. Ever.
Source: Foodiggity



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