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YOUR HORROR VIDS: Descension; Clive Attacked @ Lex's Place scene!

02.16.2011by: The Arrow

YourHorrorVids is an Arrow in the Head column that was created to give exposure to…well...YOUR HORROR VIDS! I'm talking about cool horror shorts, music videos, cool reels, parodies created by YOU or someone else. The idea is that we want to give amateur filmmakers further exposure, so if you know of any slick HORROR VIDS that deserve our props, chime the f*ck in by emailing us at: [email protected]

Directed by Jason kasper

Extra Tidbit: A test scene shot in 2008 for a horror film called Descension. Here's the synopsis: Clive Samson is a young man who is going through a rough patch in his life. Despite his attempts to mend all that is wrong for him right now, something sinister has set its eye on him as a target... an entity that embodies the personal demons of its victims and uses that to bend them to its will. Will Clive be able to escape from this malevolent being or will he be pulled into the darkest recesses from which there is no escape?



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