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You're Next's AJ Bowen & Barbara Crampton warn you not to talk or text in this awesome PSA

08.21.2013by: Kevin Woods

This Friday! Finally!

If you're anything like us at AITH, you are stoked that Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett's YOU'RE NEXT is finally invading theaters this Friday (with some early showings on Thursday...gotta get my tix for that!). I'm just hoping that the f**k-nuggets who ruin theater-goers good times by playing Candy Crush, talking or texting on their phones decide to stay home when I get to check this film out...otherwise I may just unleash my own version of the films Animals on their ass!

And that's why I love this latest "Don't Talk/Don't Text" PSA from the folks at Alamo Drafthouse, which features YOU'RE NEXT stars AJ Bowen and Barbara Crampton who warn you to shut the hell up...or YOU'RE NEXT!

Extra Tidbit: Will you be checking out YOU'RE NEXT this Friday?



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