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Zack Galifianakis won't be joining Ryan Reynolds in the R.I.P.D. adaptation

04.09.2011by: Jared Pacheco
Well folks the last we heard about Robert Schwentke's adaptation of graphic novel R.I.P.D. funnyman Zack Galifianakis was getting ready to join the supernatural buddy flick. That was back in February. It seems a lot can change in two months...

According to Deadline New York Galifianakis had to leave the project due to 'scheduling conflicts.' Oh those scheduling conflicts, always getting in the way! This time it actually seems legit though seeing how Galifianakis has SOUTHERN RIVALS with Will Ferrell lined up plus the HBO series "Bored to Death." Truth be told I couldn't really see him in this role anyway.

Two cops, one recently dead and a gunslinger who’s been dead for hundreds of years, work on the Rest In Peace Department - which is the police department of the dead. And they basically…it takes place on a normal day and it’s about trying to keep the dead quiet.

Ryan Reynolds is still attached to star in the feature though it's still unknown when things will actually get rolling on R.I.P.D.. Reynolds may have to tackle GREEN LANTERN 2 first or the long-in-development DEADPOOL, which just scored itself a director. Hell it's starting to feel like we're never going to see R.I.P.D.. One thing is for sure, as soon as we hear more on the project you can bet we'll be right here to tell you about it!

The Ex-Mrs. Ryan Reynolds - Scarlett Johansson
Extra Tidbit: Anyone else remember Galifianakis from OUT COLD?
Source: Deadline



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