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Zane's a bit Mad

08.18.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
Billy Zane. You either love him or hate him. Seriously, I know people who can't stand the look of the guy ever since his role as the a-hole in TITANIC, no matter what he's done since, he's always that guy. I used to be the same way, until I saw ZOOLANDER and the whole 'dance-off' scene. If he was able to make fun of himself like that, he must be alright.

Not to mention his role in DEMON KNIGHT... being a cowboy soul collector has never been so cool. That being said, The Hollywood Reporter dropped news today that Zane has just signed on to THE MAD for Archetype Films. To be directed by John Kalangis, THE MAD goes a little something like this: a doctor and his teenage daughter are terrorized by flesh-eating zombies at a truck stop.

No word on whether Zane here will be playing the good doctor (I imagine he will be), or a flesh-eating zombie (is there any other kind?). All I know is that the premise sounds awesome, and I can't frickin' wait to see where they go with this! I mean, zombies at a truck stop? How has that not been done before?

Production on THE MAD is set to start near the end of the month in Canada (Vancouver, maybe?), so I'm sure more juicy details will leak and pop up from here on out. Zane and his shiny skull... versus zombies... damn, this actually sounds really frickin' cool...



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