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Zenescope developing Grimm Tales of Terror from Bone Tomahawk producer

10.14.2016by: Brennan Klein
Zenescope Entertainment Grimm Tales of Terror

Heads up, comic fans! Zenescope Entertainment has just partnered with Assemble Media to bring some of their graphic novel favorites to life. Their biggest project, with Assemble's Jack Heller (who produced BONE TOMAHAWK and directed DARK WAS THE NIGHT) is a feature film adaptation of their anthology horror series, GRIMM TALES OF TERROR. 

They'll be developing the film, which modernizes classic urban legends into brand new fables, while simultaneously releasing digital content that surrounds the project.

Says Heller:

So many of us horror fans grew up on comic books and horror anthology’s, with Grimm Tales of Terror, Ralph and Joe have crafted a dangerously fun and frightening recipe for horror. With so many tales to choose from, I look forward to finding the most horrific ways to entertain audiences.

More on this film as it develops!

Extra Tidbit: Are you familiar with GRIMM comics?



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