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Zombie Diaries 2 wants you to be a part of 1,000 zombie horde!

09.10.2010by: Moises Hernandez

Anyone up in the UK want to be a part of a major zombie revolution? Well, maybe not a revolution but a large mass of walking zombies none the less. If you don't mind putting crap on your face and wandering around like you're wanting the munchies then check this little sucker out. 

You can play a part in ZOMBIE DIARIES 2 if you're in the region. Rebekah Smith, who is designing a massive beach scene involving as many volunteers as possible, is inviting folks to attend the congregation of the living dead. Read below for more details. 

"'Wales' National Horror Festival; The Abertoir Horror Festival has joined forces with Michael Bartlett and Kevin Gates to shoot the final sequence of The Zombie Diaries 2 in Aberystwyth. The shoot will take place during the final day of the Festival (which runs November 10th-14th) on Aberystwyth's most beautiful beach; Tan-Y-Bwlch, on the morning of Sunday November 14th 2010.

All of us at the festival are incredibly excited by this, as we are faced with a big challenge as we need to recruit as many zombies as humanly possible - if we can break into the 1,000 mark we will be more than happy. The key advantage to all of those who participate and dress themselves up as a zombie is that they get to a) be part of a film which has guaranteed distribution in the USA and b) get to see their name at the end credits of the movie.

All zombies must register on-line before the day of the shoot and registering couldn't be simpler. Please visit Aber-Zombie.co.uk and send us your details!"

You heard her folks! Check out the site for more information on your shot of getting an inch on the silver screen. 

Emily Booth

Extra Tidbit: Anyone in the UK up for this?
Source: Dread Central



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