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Zombie on young Myers

03.06.2009by: Eric Walkuski

I guess some people's panties are in a bunch over the fact that Daeg Faerch won't be returning as young Michael Myers for H2 - even though the brooding little metalhead has grown up into a towering, bearded WWE wrestler already. There must be flashbacks in store for us, because apparently we need some more traumatic white-trash action in Haddonfield. (If we do, I didn't get the memo.)

Anyhoo, Rob Zombie is speaking out on the topic, taking to his Myspace blog to explain the recasting, telling us what we assumed.

I know some of you are confused as to why Daeg is not in the film. Recasting young Michael was not something I wanted to do, but the scenes just didn't work anymore. Daeg is no longer a little boy, he is a teenager with a deep voice. Once you see the film you will understand why I made this choice. It was not an easy choice and was not made lightly. Daeg kicked ass in Halloween, but things change. I think Daeg is very, very talented and I wish him all the best.

Puberty is a bitch, man. Well, perhaps in a few years, when Dimension is prepping H4 or H5, Faerch will be able to once again step into the role, provided that he's able to bench press about 300lbs. Just don't play "Love Hurts" around him. That makes him sad.

Who knew Myers' mom was a MILF?

Extra Tidbit: Faerch appears briefly in HANCOCK.
Source: Myspace



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