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07.01.2008by: Mike Catalano

Zombies with a political agenda?! Now there’s an interesting concept for a horror flick and it’s exactly what we’ll be getting from writer/director Tony Nunes’s forthcoming spectacle ZOMBIE ALLEGIANCE. I know, it may sound corny at first, but Nunes seems to have his story pretty tightly constructed. Observe what he had to say to Fango: “ZOMBIE ALLEGIANCE is not like most traditional ghoul flicks, in that it could also be described as a non-traditional slasher film. With strong political overtones, the movie has become a strange examination of the state of American politics and religion in a post-nuclear WWIII America.” Now sink your teeth into the basic plot synopsis:

ZOMBIE ALLEGIANCE is set in a world where almost everyone is either dead or undead, and most of the survivors are either food for the flesheaters or have turned into vicious vigilantes. Nunes also dropped in, “Add to the mix political psychosis, delusional genocide and ritualistic cannibalism, and you have a movie!”

Well that all definitely screams “potential” to me and I’m a big fan of that pic from the flick above. Nunes is starting to build up a nice genre-centric resume, having already worked on SPLATTER DISCO (which I last wrote about here) and BEYOND THE DUNWICH HORROR. Perhaps ALLEGIANCE will be a signature standout for him. With principle photography nearly wrapped up, Nunes is forecasting an October 2008 premiere.

The stars who have joined the ALLEGIANCE are Brandon Luis Aponte, Richard Tretheway, Andre Boudreau, Jennifer Kimmerle, John Shepard, Sarah Nicklin (below) and Stephanie Castaldi.

Source: Fangoria



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