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Zombie Prom musical heads to the big screen

06.08.2015by: Ryan Miller

Zombie Prom

Michael J. Roth and Steve Longi have acquired feature film and TV rights to the Off Broadway musical-comedy ZOMBIE PROM, reports Variety. Roth will be producing through his MJR Films and Longi via Longitude Entertainment with Kirk Hunter exec producing, and Vicki Palatas co-producing.

ZOMBIE PROM was written by John Dempsey and Dana P. Rowe, it originated in the early 1990s as a musical-comedy homage to the musicals and films of the 1950s, telling the story of a forbidden romance between the rebellious bad boy Jonny and the good girl Toffee. After falling into a nuclear reactor, Jonny returns to his love as a zombie.

The feature film adaptation will be written by Vince Marcello and Mark Landry, with Marcello directing. That's all we really know about this one so far, but it sounds like it could be an entertaining take on the zombie genre.

Zombie Prom

Extra Tidbit: Have any of you guys seen the musical? Any good?
Source: Variety



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