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Zombie Undead writer and directer reunite for supernatural horror The Desolation

06.08.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

Following the recent UK DVD release of their film ZOMBIE UNDEAD (which is still awaiting a US release), director Rhys Davies and writer Kris Tearse (right) are teaming up once again for another collaboration, THE DESOLATION. The effort is described as a psychological supernatural horror movie.

In the best tradition of horror, The Desolation is a dark and unnerving examination of the lines between sanity and madness. The film revolves around a former psychiatric patient recuperating with friends in an isolated cottage when potentially supernatural happenings cause him to question his sanity.

In addition to penning the script, Tearse is producing with his Ghost Versus Ghost Productions partner Christopher J. Herbert. The UK film is currently in development and seeking funding.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone catch ZOMBIE UNDEAD? Is it worth a look?
Source: AITH



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