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05.26.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
Fangoria got wind today that Rob Zombie, yes the Rob Zombie, will be the host of a new TV series on Turner Classic Movies. No, there's not a corn pipe in your ear, you heard me right. But this isn't your average TV show- oh no, it's a horror movie lovers wet dream!

It's actually more like a late night cult movie showcase, which will have Zombie as host. The showcase's called TCM UNDERGROUND, and it'll feature such fine features as THE CRAZIES, DEMENTIA 13, TOKYO DRIFTER and BRIDE OF THE MONSTER. The shows are selected for their status as visionary cult films, and they're all hand picked by Zombie himself to show the rest of the world.

The series is set to debut this October (nice choice), and probably one of the coolest things- as it's on TCM, all flicks will be shown uncut and commercial free. Nice! Sounds just like when Joe Bob Briggs hosted that show on TNT when I was a kid- or was it TBS? Either way, Briggs would host one awesome cheese fest B movie, letting us know all the cool deaths, and how many bare boobies we'd see (if it wasn't on TV, that is). I liked that show- and as this is looking to showcase some real talent (plus, it's Zombie, yo!). UNDERGROUND is looking to be the best of the best. To check out the entire article, click HERE.
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