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Zombie Walk in NJ!

09.23.2009by: Jake Dee

Ordinarily I’d send my condolences to anyone living in New Jersey. Plain. Simple. But on Saturday, October 3rd from 11AM-7PM a pretty kickass event known as the Zombie Walk Parade will commence on the famous shores of Asbury Park.

And Neptune, New Jersey’s very own Warren F. Disbrow (HAUNTED HAY RIDE: THE MOVIE) will be in the zombie-filled attendance – there to greet fans, snap pics, rap about flicks, sign Johnny Hancocks, the works.

All of this in an apparent promotion to the December 2009 release of HATE’S HAUNTED SLAY RIDE – a sequel to Disbrow’s most critically acclaimed effort to date, 2008s HAUNTED HAYRIDE: THE MOVIE.

His new outing is about a disgruntled psychotic named Hate, whose incessant killing spree extends from Halloween to Christmas. As the drama unfolds, the unity among the Church and Synagogue is strengthened by a united war on spiritual evil.

The flick features Paul Kellogg, Jenny Hill, Daniel Bartkewicz, Dan Griffith, Deborah Taylor, Joann Murano, Bret Warshawski, and Lesha Rodriguez.

Click HERE to visit the official site of the flick, and HERE for more info on the Zombie Walk Parade.

Extra Tidbit: Director Warren F. Disbrow is credited as cinematographer on the 1987 cult-flick DRIVE-IN MADNESS, starring the always entertaining scream queen Linnea Quigley (above).
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