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Zombieland TV series gets its first trailer, plus watch the pilot right now!

04.17.2013by: Eric Walkuski

We heard just yesterday that Amazon's "Zombieland" series might be available to watch sooner than expected. Turns out, that report was quite correct: "Zombieland" is ready to watch right now! Don't believe me? Head over HERE; if you're an Amazon Prime member, you can watch it for free.

If you need some inspiration to watch the pilot, you can check out the trailer for the episode below. It's chock full of blood and quips!

Here's the episode's tiny synopsis:

Adding new members to your post-apocalyptic "family" isn't as easy as it sounds. But at least sometimes you get pie.

"Zombieland" stars Kirk Ward as Tallahassee, Maiara Walsh as Wichita, Tyler Ross as Columbus, and Izabela Vodovic as Little Rock.It remains to be seen if the entire "Zombieland" series will be picked up.

Extra Tidbit: Are you stumbling over to Amazon right this very second to watch "Zombieland"?
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