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Zombies Vs. Gladiators, a new high concept mash-up headed our way soon?

09.21.2010by: Jake Dee

How does 300 crossed with 28 DAYS LATER fit in your pipe?

Well, such a hybrid-like project looks to be in the works at the moment. According to Production Weekly's Twitter feed, a new zombie flick called ZOMBIES VS. GLADIATORS is starting to gather some momentum. Here's the exact entry:

"Greg Ostrin & Michael Weiss' reps are out this week with a new spec titled 'Zombies vs Gladiators' described as "300" meets '28 Days Later'."

Now, Ostrin and Weiss are far from household names...am I right? After a little diggin', it seems Ostrin also has another script currently in development, one called HIP HOP. And of all the 30 or so Michael Weiss listings on IMDB, I'm willing to bet the one in question here is the same dude who has contributed to a 2010 TV show called "Scrappers." Just a hunch...

Anyway, as is the case with Twitter, news comes in scant doses. No talent attached or production dates for ZOMBIES VS. GLADIATORS are known at this juncture...but stay with us, we'll bring it to ya when it strolls in.

In the meantime, let us know what you think of such a high-concept mash-up? Ludicrous? Potential for greatness? Or somewhere in the middle?

Extra Tidbit: Jenna Jameson (above) sorta tried her hand at the "zombie verses" format in ZOMBIE STRIPPERS.



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