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Scream Factory to release 1989's Leviathan on Blu-ray this August

Those crazy cats over at Scream Factory are at it again! We've always professed our undying affection for Scream Factory as they continually bring us some of the finest in classic horror and sci-fi, and today they took to their official Facebook page to announce that they will be releasing 1989's underwater monster classic LEVIATHAN on Blu-ray this August as part of their...

Horror Whores: Cutting Class (1989)

I know you guys are aware of the 1989 slasher CUTTING CLASS, right? You know - Brad Pitt's slasher flick from before he was "Brad Pitt(!)". That's right folks. Everyone's favorite Hollywood hunk was once the star of a slasher flick! But we're not here to talk about Pitt. When talking about CUTTING CLASS one major thing gets lost in the hype of Mr. Pitt - the fact that this little diddy...

Arrow Video to release the 1989 James Hong cult classic The Vineyard to UK DVD

The fine folks over at Arrow Video dropped the news that James Hong's intoxicating cult-horror classic THE VINEYARD will be released on DVD on Monday 10th June via their ArrowDrome imprint. A startlingly tongue-in-cheek mix of action, body-horror and undead terror, THE VINEYARD comes courtesy of writer/director/actor James Hong – character actor extraordinaire and star...

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