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Danny Boyle says the idea for 28 Months Later is lovely

It's been a little over a month since we last read some quotes about 28 MONTHS LATER , so we're long overdue! Director Danny Boyle has made it clear in the past that he's more than willing to tackle the third installment in the franchise, and his most recent comments continue that trend. Talking to IGN during a press tour for STEVE JOBS, Boyle spoke about Alex Garland's idea for the...
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Danny Boyle talks 28 Months Later, says it depends on script

It's been a good six months or so since we've heard any rumblings on the 28 MONTHS LATER front, yet while out promoting his new film STEVE JOBS, director Danny Boyle couldn't suck the subject. Graciously, he indugles us a bit. Peep it... While speaking with The Playlist, here's what Boyle said about directing a potential third chapter in the revitalizing zombie...
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28 Months Later is moving forward according to Alex Garland

We've written about the potential for 28 MONTHS LATER so often in the last 5-6 years that I don't even have time to link to all the articles. The basic gist always seems to be, "We've got some ideas, it may or may not happen, we'll see." And while today's update doesn't give us too much more than that, it would seem as though the sequel is as close to happening as it has ever been....
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28 Months Later is being discussed, according to Alex Garland

Alex Garland may be out promoting his directorial debut EX MACHINA, but the people demand he discuss movies he may or may not be involved with. Just the other day we alerted you to the news he's pretty much through with DREDD 2 (though he thinks it may happen with someone else), and today we've got a minor update on 28 MONTHS LATER , a film that has been on-again , off-again since...
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Danny Boyle says there is a 40/60 chance 28 Months Later may happen; wonders if zombies are 'overexposed' right now

Fans of Danny Boyle's fantastic 28 DAYS LATER and its excellent sequel 28 WEEKS LATER have long held on to hope that we'd be seeing a continuation of the story presented in those films, but over the past couple of years the chances of seeing another entry in the franchise has grown increasingly dim. Last fall 28 DAYS LATER scribe Alex Garland crushed a lot of rumors surrounding the...
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