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Kill of the Day: "Tales from the Crypt" (1992)

Truth be told I never really watched a lot of "Tales from the Crypt." I know, I know - that will be changing soon. I promise. The reason I bring that up though is because I realized there hasn't been a Kill of the Day from the epic series. Crazy right? Well today that changes! For today's Kill of the Day we're taking a look at an episode from Season 4 which stars Tom Hanks! That's right...
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Halle Berry phones in with a new poster for The Call

One film I'm eagerly anticipating is Brad Anderson's THE CALL (formerly known as THE HIVE, a catchier title I feel the producers should've kept). It was just a few weeks ago that we dropped the trailer for this badboy (you can peep it HERE ) and today we have a first look at the poster for the Halle Berry-starring thriller below. When veteran 911 operator, Jordan, takes a...
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