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Full plot for Friday the 13th: Part 13 revealed!

The FRIDAY THE 13TH saga has been one cursed fuc*ing production since we last saw the hockey-masked hooligan take out teens way back in 2009. Marcus Nispel's remake was a joy to behold and I was all geared-up to see many more outings with the new Derek Mears Jason. But that didn't happen. So the guys over at Platinum Dunes turned their attention to a script by...
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Friday the 13th and World War Z sequel pulled from Paramount's schedule

Here. We. Go. Again. I'll get right to it: Paramount Pictures has pulled the untitled WORLD WAR Z sequel and the FRIDAY THE 13th reboot from their 2017 release schedule. The former was a no-brainer: That film has held a June 9 date for a while now, but it doesn't even have a director, script, cast, etc., so I don't think anyone was expecting it to miraculously arrive at that...
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Friday the 13th to film in Spring; producers tease story details

The Walking Dead, move aside, Jason is about to take Atlanta!  FRIDAY THE 13TH In an interview with Collider  about the new FRIDAY THE 13TH film, Platinum Dunes producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form dropped some  explicit  details about how the production process is going and gave us a peek at their schedule. The reboot (or whatever the hell it is) will be...
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Jason is gonna be busy in the next Friday the 13th movie, says Fuller

The hotly anticipated new FRIDAY THE 13TH flick has been in the trenches for what feels like an eternity, suffering yet another release date setback as it was pushed to  October 13, 2017 . But in an interview with Variety , Platinum Dunes executives Brad Fuller and Andrew Form sat down and briefly talked about how the film is looking and how they plan to make the 13th...
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Mark Wahlberg's Home Invasion gets Expendables 3 director

The upcoming Mark Wahlberg flick  HOME INVASION sounds like a killer thriller, and now it has a director to usher it home. Attached to helm the project is Patrick Hughes, who first hit the scene in 2010 with the Ryan Kwanten Western RED HILL, which stirred up enough buzz for him to helm the gargantuan Hollywood action flick THE EXPENDABLES 3. I can't say I've seen...
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Friday the 13th receives tax credit, might be filming within 180 days

Last night, we learned that THE CRAZIES remake / THE LAST WITCH HUNTER director Breck Eisner is in talks to take the helm of the next FRIDAY THE 13TH film, which production company Platinum Dunes has been developing at Paramount for a few years now. Whether Eisner or someone else ends up signing on to direct the film, it appears that this project will need to be in production by...
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Will the new Friday the 13th finally introduce Jason's father?

When we reported yesterday that Aaron Guzikowski's script for the new FRIDAY THE 13TH would contain an origin story for the hockey masked serial killer Jason Voorhees, it was met with quite a bit of fan ire, including my own. However, hardcore Jasonheads might be changing their tune with this latest development. According to Birth Movies Death's Devin Faraci , a source...
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The next Friday the 13th will contain an updated origin story

Platinum Dunes' upcoming FRIDAY THE 13TH remake(?) Sequel? Whatever. The next entry in the FRIDAY THE 13TH saga is being written by PRISONERS scribe Aaron Guzikowski, and The Reel Word had an opportunity to check up with producer Brad Fuller on the status of that screenplay, which is among the most-delayed in the horror world right now. Says Fuller: Aaron’s...
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Producer Brad Fuller provides a status update on the next Friday the 13th

Fans of the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise, and I am one of them, are waiting with bated breath for any sign that the next installment in the series is making progress. Production company Platinum Dunes has been developing the latest film at Paramount for nearly three years now, scoring and then losing director David Bruckner, having multiple writers work on scripts with different...
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Friday the 13th is aiming for a summer production date

The delay between 2009's remake and the new incarnation of FRIDAY THE 13TH isn't quite the longest gap in the franchise (unlucky fans had to wait nine years between JASON GOES TO HELL and JASON X ), but it's slowly approaching it. However, if they stick to their current tentative timetable, we'll soon be delivered from all this frustrating nonsense. Our...
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The new Friday the 13th movie will take us back in time

The new FRIDAY THE 13TH has been through as many lives and deaths as Jason Voorhees himself, recently dropping director David Bruckner and writer Nick Antosca, replacing the latter with PRISONERS scribe Aaron Guzikowski. Since then, all has been quiet, but a WonderCon interview with TooFab saw producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form dropping a couple hints that we might be...
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Friday the 13th slashes director David Bruckner

Yesterday came the news - encouraging or discouraging, depending on your POV - that the new FRIDAY THE 13th film had brought on PRISONERS scripter Aaron Guzikowski to pen a fresh draft for the film, signaling another delay in Jason's return to the big screen. (Hannibal writer Nick Antosca was working on the last screenplay.) It seems fitting, then, to report that the film is starting from...
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