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Temple (Movie Review)

PLOT: Upon finding a map in an old gift shop, three American tourists trek deep into the jungles of Japan to locate an ancient temple. Little do they know it’s been haunted for the past 40 years. REVIEW: Learning the hard way the vast difference between deftly directing a feature and merely lighting and lensing one is Michael Barrett, longtime DP who helmed the new...
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ABCs of Death team preparing new anthology, The Field Guide to Evil

ABCs OF DEATH producers Ant Timpson and Alamo Drafthouse CEO/Founder Tim League are working on a new horror anthology, this one giving us different tastes from different lands. Per a press release, THE FIELD GUIDE TO EVIL brings together eight of the most exciting voices in international filmmaking to shine a light on the stories from around the world that have kept people sleepless...
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ABCs of Death 2 1/2 to be released exclusively on Vimeo

You probably know how the ABCs OF DEATH anthology films work - twenty-six filmmakers (counting duos and teams as one) from around the globe are each assigned a different letter of the alphabet, then they choose a word that starts with that letter and make a horrific short that has something to do with the word. When Drafthouse Films was putting together THE ABCs OF DEATH 2...
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Dissecting Director Adam Wingard!

DIRECTOR ADAM WINGARD! Say friends, how many of you plan to ring in the 2014 fall-horror-season by inviting THE GUEST into your purview this weekend? After-all, the flick is not only generating all sorts of buzz, but it comes from the sick and demented minds of writer Simon Barrett and director Adam Wingard...the duo who brought us the nail-biting home-invasion...
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ABCs of Death 1.5 is coming!

Producers Ant Timpson and Tim League announced today the 26 entries chosen to be a part of Drafthouse Films’ ABCs OF DEATH 1.5 , a spin-off of the immensely popular Magnet Releasing anthology series. The original 2012 film delivered 26 dark tales from the industry’s most celebrated genre directors, and its hotly-anticipated sequel hits cinemas in 2014. Both anthologies conducted a...
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Cool Horror Videos: Lee Hardcastle's followup to T is for Toilet, Ghost Burger!

Lee Hardcastle's T IS FOR TOILET was one of the most memorable segments of the wildly uneven ABCs OF DEATH , and not just because it won the coveted 26th Director Filmmaking Competition. The claymation short was easily one of the most flat-out entertaining portions of the anthology, with Hardcastle displaying a wicked sense of humor as well as a strong talent in the tricky medium....
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Review: The ABCs of Death

PLOT: 26 short films from all corners of the globe are strung together by the letters of the alphabet. REVIEW: As a person with a sincere fondness for horror anthologies, as well as for simple "newness" in cinema, I was absolutely over-the-f*cking-moon delighted when THE ABCs OF DEATH was announced. 26 notable genre directors from all over the world each trying their hand...
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