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Check out the poster and trailer for Abducted, coming to DVD this October

ABDUCTED is being billed as DARK SKIES meets THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT , which is intriguing because it doesn't appear to be supernatural in any way (unless I'm missing something), nor is it a found footage film. No matter; the poster and trailer for the film have arrived, which we're happy to share with you. Flick looks fairly intense. Intriguingly, the film is directed by Glen...
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Horror Whores: Progeny (1998)

Why is everyone so obsessed with aliens wanting to probe us? Really? If aliens don't exist I'd like to know who came up with that one. With today's Horror Whores we take a look at an alien probe in the flick PROGENY. You guys hear of this one? It actually comes from the mind of RE-ANIMATOR's Stuart Gordon. So you see where we're going with this? In today's clip a chick is abducted and...
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