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Cool Horror Gear: Ms. 45 Vinyl from Death Waltz

Abel Ferrara's (BAD LIEUTENANT, KING OF NEW YORK) 1981 revenge thriller classic MS. 45 just recently came off of its return to theaters back in December and now the cool cats over at Death Waltz are proud to be releasing its original score on vinyl. Below is a look at the artwork for the release which was designed by Alice X. Zhang who did a seriously badass job on it. This...
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Dissecting Director Abel Ferrara!

DIRECTOR ABEL FERRARA! Buy THE DRILLER KILLER here Abel Ferrara has made some gritty ass movies. To my mind, dude's not only a unheralded writer/director, his career choices and unwillingness to compromise artistically really ought to be commended. It's almost as if he's a low-grade Cassavetes - or a B-movie auteur - operating completely...
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Watch an explosive clip from Drafthouse Films revival Ms 45

If you're unfamiliar with Abel Ferrara's seedy cult classic MS. 45 (READ OUR REVIEW HERE) , which is being re-released this month courtesy of Drafthouse Films, you can become acquainted with the dangerous dame via the clip you'll find below. Note to Central Park muggers: don't bring nunchucks to a gun fight. Ms. 45 follows a mute garment-district seamstress -...
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Trailer for Abel Ferrara's revenge classic Ms. 45

Another cult film is making its way to the big screen thanks to Drafhouse Films who have just released the trailer for the theatrical re-release of MS. 45 , Abel Ferrara's (BAD LIEUTENANT, KING OF NEW YORK) 1981 revenge thriller classic. The trailer, cut by HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN director Jason Eisener, gives the first look at the film remastered in HD from the original negative...
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Check out the arty poster for Drafthouse Films' Ms. 45 re-issue

As we told you in October, Drafthouse Films is re-issuing Abel Ferrara's brutal grindhouse classic MS. 45 in theaters this December; they'll then ship it off to Blu-ray in March. This is good news for fans of arthouse sleaze. The company has just slapped up the new poster for the revenge thriller, which you can see below. Looks like the cover of a Criterion release, doesn't...
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Abel Ferrara's cult classic Ms. 45 being revived by Drafthouse Films

Drafthouse Films, the film distribution arm of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, announced today their acquisition of North American rights to Abel Ferrara's (Bad Lieutenant, King Of New York) 1981 revenge thriller classic MS. 45 . The film follows a mute garment-district seamstress (ZoŽ Lund) who, after falling victim to multiple unspeakable assaults, ignites a one-woman homicidal rampage...
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