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Adam Brody and Amanda Crew to experience The Wanting

Filipino director Yam Laranas's tenth feature film will be THE WANTING , a psychological thriller that began filming in Toronto yesterday. Laranas came up with the story idea with Gin de Mesa, with Donald Martin then handling the screenwriting duties. Drawing comparisons to ROSEMARY'S BABY and THE EXORCIST , THE WANTING is set to star Adam Brody and Amanda Crew as ...
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Clips from Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers feature Tusk stars and Bratzis

Next Tuesday, August 30 th, Fathom Events will be hosting a special one-night-only sneak preview of Kevin Smith's latest film YOGA HOSERS in theatres across the United States. The " Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers Premiere Party " will include a screening of the movie, behind the scenes footage, interviews with cast and crew, and a Q&A with Smith and members of the...
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A pair of musical clips from Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers rock online

A couple of new clips from Kevin Smith's latest film YOGA HOSERS , a spin-off from TUSK and the second installment in his "True North Trilogy", have arrived online, and they're both focused on the GlamThrax musical endeavors of the lead characters. First up is an excerpt from the film's opening, in which teenage convenience store clerks Colleen Collette and...
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Fathom Events to present a sneak preview of Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers

Kevin Smith is currently touring North America with his latest film YOGA HOSERS , a cartoony "CLUELESS meets GHOULIES " spin-off from TUSK that is set to receive a wider theatrical release on September 2 nd. Each tour screening of YOGA HOSERS is followed by a Q&A session with Smith, and if you haven't been able to make it out to one of the tour dates but would...
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Yoga Hosers (Movie Review)

PLOT : 15-year-old convenience store clerks Colleen Collette and Colleen McKenzie think they're in for the best time of their lives when two older boys invite them to a party, but end up enduring the most basic weekend ever when the store they work in turns out to be the epicenter of a Nazi plot seventy years in the making. REVIEW : I loved the first installment of Kevin...
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Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers gets a new release date

It was recently announced that Invincible Pictures would be releasing Kevin Smith's TUSK follow-up YOGA HOSERS into theatres on July 29th, but plans have since shifted slightly. YOGA HOSERS is now set to reach screens on September 2 nd, with a limited sneak peek on August 30 th.  While an extra month of waiting can be frustrating for fans, it's a good idea to...
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This Yoga Hosers trailer is all aboot those bratwurst Nazis

The second trailer for Kevin Smith's TUSK spinoff YOGA HOSERS has dropped, and it's just as unfathomably weird as the first. Following the thread of the bratwurst Nazis and the history of Nazism in Canada, it's a strange concoction combining Canada humor, dark historical context, and milennial slang into a vaguely nauseating mélange. I can't say it's...
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Try to make sense of this poster for Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers

This new poster for Kevin Smith's TUSK follow-up  YOGA HOSERS is... perplexing. For some reason, it assumes that you already know that the movie contains villainous "foot tall Canadian Nazis made of sentient bratwurst," because that's the only way to justify the groaner pun they use as a tagline. But that's hardly apparent in the poster, which...
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Human hockey jersey Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers has a trailer

A trailer has dropped online this morning for Kevin Smith's upcoming TUSK spin-off YOGA HOSERS , and while a version without the subtitles is likely to be forthcoming, this one is still effective for giving us our first look at the insanity Smith has packed into the movie. Starring Lily-Rose Depp, Harley Quinn Smith, and Johnny Depp, reprising their TUSK roles, YOGA HOSERS...
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Kevin Smith announces Yoga Hosers tour and July release date

With a PG-13 rating secured for his latest film YOGA HOSERS after the MPAA reversed their initial decision to give it an R, writer/director Kevin Smith is now free to move forward with his plans for getting the movie out into the world. Much like he did with RED STATE , his first foray into darker material, Smith will be taking YOGA HOSERS out on tour, showing the movie at...
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The MPAA softens the rating of Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers

Kevin Smith has long been saying that he intended for his "CLUELESS meets GREMLINS " creature feature YOGA HOSERS to get a PG-13 rating. Despite this, I wasn't too surprised when I found out that the film had received an R. After all, its Gremlins-esque tiny terrors are "Bratzis", foot tall Canadian Nazis made of sentient bratwurst that force their way up...
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Kevin Smith fights the Battle of the Balls to get Yoga Hosers a PG-13

For most horror filmmakers, having their film cut down to a PG-13 is a disappointment. Kevin Smith is not most horror filmmakers. His newest film,  YOGA HOSERS was intended to be PG-13. In fact, he calls it a cross between "CLUELESS and GREMLINS." However, the MPAA has a slight problem. They insist that Smith cut a scene with Jonny Depp carrying a photo that...
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