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Book of Shadows director Joe Berlinger chimes in on Blair Witch's B.O. flop

The hot story today is the box office failure of Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett's BLAIR WITCH sequel in its opening weekend. The film only made $9.6 million domestic and failed to break the #1 slot. Although I think this whole mess has been blown vastly out of proportion (the film has already made its budget back, and it  did  beat out BRIDGET JONES' BABY and...
7 days ago
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Blair Witch makes a disappointing debut at the box office

YOU'RE NEXT / THE GUEST director Adam Wingard's BLAIR WITCH , a long-awaited sequel to THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT , hit theatres this past weekend, and apparently the number of audience members interested in seeing a new group of people get terrorized in the Black Hills Forest was not very high. Although the movie was getting a lot of hype in the build-up to its release, with...
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Blair Witch (Movie Review)

PLOT: James, the younger brother of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT's Heather Donahue , receives a video that appears to show the infamous footage of her final days in the haunted Black Hills Forest, where the fabled Blair Witch resides. Setting out with a group of friends and two strangers who know the area, James plunges into the woods to find out what really happened to his sister....
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Adam Wingard set Jason Eisener loose on Death Note

I know next to zero about the manga DEATH NOTE , although the fact that Shane Black was at one time attached to the live action American adaptation of it was a very positive sign for its quality. Black didn't end up making the film, though. Instead, it ended up in the hands of a filmmaker who is quite interesting in his own right, THE GUEST / YOU'RE NEXT 's Adam Wingard. Increasing...
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Heather Donahue says Wingard's Blair Witch is even scarier than the original

Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett's BLAIR WITCH has been getting great buzz ahead of its release this weekend, including some from our very own JimmyO, as you can see in the trailer below. But word on the film has just arrived from a very important source: Heather Donahue, star of the original 1999 BLAIR WITCH PROJECT . On Facebook, the actress wrote: Scare for scare,...
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Investigate Adam Wingard's Blair Witch with TV spots and B-roll footage

YOU'RE NEXT / THE GUEST director Adam Wingard will be taking us back into the realm of the BLAIR WITCH in just over a week, and a batch of TV spots have arrived to give us a quick look at the harrowing experience he and screenwriter Simon Barrett have put the film's characters through. BLAIR WITCH has the following synopsis:  A group of college...
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Is this Kickstarter part of a Blair Witch viral campaign?

Although Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett's  BLAIR WITCH was secretly produced under the title THE WOODS, it didn't seem like the sequel was getting the same viral marketing treatment that made the original BLAIR WITCH PROJECT such a massive cultural phenomenon... Until now. This Kickstarter has recently gotten the attention of conspiracy-minded fans. Backdated to...
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Trailer: The Blair Witch haunts these woods, and she ain't messing around

Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett's latest collaboration is one of the biggest names in modern horror: BLAIR WITCH . Whenever filmmakers get an opportunity to make an entry in a classic franchise, there's always debate as to whether or not they can do justice to the original material. In this newest trailer, that answer seems to be an unequivocal yes. It might not have the...
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Enter Blair Witch territory with The Blair Witch Experience

In the years since the release of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT , many a Blair Witch fan has taken their own journey through the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland. That was even the basis of the first sequel, BLAIR WITCH 2 . All of the fans completed their hikes without notable incident, but as the new Adam Wingard-helmed sequel BLAIR WITCH will soon be showing us, something has gotten...
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This Blair Witch promo returns to the house where it all began

The new  BLAIR WITCH flick from Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett is going to rectify a major mistake made by BOOK OF SHADOWS: BLAIR WITCH 2 . Well, presumably it will improve on that film in  several  ways, but this new TV spot shows that BLAIR WITCH will be revisiting a major location from the original BLAIR WITCH PROJECT : the abandoned house in the woods where...
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Eduardo Sanchez has high praise for Adam Wingard's Blair Witch

It's shocking that we didn't get more from the BLAIR WITCH franchise over the years. With the massive success of the first film and the mythology that was being crafted and built up through TV and video specials, comic books, and novels, you'd think that sequels and prequels to THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT would have been getting pumped out at frequent intervals since 1999....
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A new image for Blair Witch emerges from the woods

BLAIR WITCH , the new follow-up to the iconic found footage flick from Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett, has had such a mysterious marketing campaign that we didn't even know the film's real title until recently. The new image that has dropped for the film is reliably murky, showing two characters huddling together but not much more. However, as little as we're...
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