AHS: Cult runs 11 episodes & is the most Evan Peters-heavy season yet

I don't know how much of an Evan Peters fan you guys are out there, but it's worth noting that the only reason your girlfriend - who is now a massive fan of the series - started watching AMERICAN HORROR STORY in the first place was because of Peters. True story. Ask her. She'll deny it. All jokes aside we have some new info on the upcoming 7th season of Ryan...
6 hours ago
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Evan Peters & Sarah Paulson share a love story for the ages in AHS: Cult

It was just earlier today that we let you guys know AHS mainstay Sarah Paulson was joining up with the M. Night crew for GLASS , and now we have news from the AHS: CULT world that involves the actress. Ryan Murphy took to Instagram recently to share a rather fun, teenager-in-love style drawing of this season's leads Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson as star-crossed lovers...
3 days ago
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AHS: Cult teaser is a work of art

It was just last night that we stayed up late to share with you guys the news that AMERICAN HORROR STORY Season 7 had been given its official title of AHS: CULT . I gave my thoughts on the new title (I thought it was always AHS: ELECTION) in that post, but quite simply, I don't dig it. Too obscure. Too Meh. AHS: Election was timelier, edgier. Oh, well. Anyways, if there...
6 days ago
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The new season of American Horror Story is officially called AHS: CULT

The last few months, I thought it was all but straight up fact that the upcoming seventh season of Ryan Murphy's AMERICAN HORROR STORY was titled AHS: ELECTION . I never knew this was in limbo.  Turns out it was. It was only a few days ago that Murphy let the world know that on July 20th - aka yesterday - that he was going to reveal the true title of the new...
7 days ago
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Lena Dunham joins American Horror Story

Lena Dunham is joining  AMERICAN HORROR STORY . Now, Lena Dunham is a name many of you might not know - unless you have a wife/girlfriend. That said, Dunham is the creative force and star of the HBO series GIRLS - which co-stars my favorite "scream queen" this year, Allison Williams ( GET OUT ). I've tried to watch the series and couldn't get into it....
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American Horror Story Season 7 Official Title will be announced July 20th

Well, it looks like the title of the new season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY isn't ELECTION. At least maybe not... I'm a bit confused, but this is Ryan Murphy we're talking about so that's bound to happen. The gist of all of this is that Murphy took to Twitter and let us all know that the 7th season's title will be announced on July 20th. Which, again, is...
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Ryan Murphy teases Twisty the Clown's return to AHS

I'm not the world's biggest AMERICAN HORROR STORY fan. I loved Murder House, couldn't get into Asylum (I know, I know), thought Coven was good times, loved Freakshow, and couldn't make it through Hotel or Roanoke. That's where I stand.  But like I said, I really dug the fourth season,  Freakshow . And one of the coolest aspects of that season was...
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Alison Pill joins American Horror Story: Election

The new season of Ryan Murphy's AMERICAN HORROR STORY is currently filming and the cast is rounding itself out. We recently heard that Lady Gaga was NOT going to be joining in on the horror this time around, but today we have word on another actress that will be featured in the new season. Alison Pill has been confirmed to have joined  AHS: ELECTION via AHS Leaks and...
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AHS: Election will NOT feature Lady Gaga

It was only this morning that we passed on the rumor that Lady Gaga may be returning to Ryan Murphy's AMERICAN HORROR STORY for the upcoming seventh season, which is being called AHS: ELECTION . Turns out this isn't the case. This afternoon, EW addressed the rumor and let the world know that Gaga would, in fact, NOT be joining the political horror this time...
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First look at Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson in AHS: Election

Filming has kicked off on the new season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY titled AHS: ELECTION.  So far we have heard that the series would (then wouldn't, then would) include Trump and Clinton as characters, and we also spread the word the new season was set to star SCREAM QUEENS star Billie Lourd alongside AHS mainstays Sarah Paulson and  Evan Peters. Well, over...
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Check out this creepy elephant man from American Horror Story: Election

I don't know if I can say I was 100% in on the upcoming season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY , or AHS: ELECTION, when I first heard about it. I mean I always give the new seasons a try, but I didn't make it past episode two of either HOTEL or ROANOKE. Just not my thing(s).  That said, I was sold on the new season when we learned a while back that SCREAM QUEENS star...
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Taissa Farmiga joins The Conjuring spin-off The Nun

Looks like Taissa Farmiga will be joining her older sister Vera Farmiga within THE CONJURING universe as Empire is reporting that the younger Farmiga has joined the cast of Corin Hardy's CONJURING spin-off, THE NUN . But get this, it is being reported that the plot follows "a priest named Father Burke (played by Demian Bichir) who is sent to Rome to investigate the...
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