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Scream Factory to put out The Boy (No, the other one)

In one of those fits of serendipity that the Hollywood gods like to arrange just to confuse us mortals, two films called THE BOY are being bandied about this year. The one we're here to discuss is  not  William Brent Bell's killer doll thriller, but rather an offering from Elijah Wood's Spectrevision and Chiller Films. The beloved distribution group...
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Elijah Wood's SpectreVision to raise The Boy to become a serial killer

SpectreVision, the independent film company spearheaded by Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller that describes itself as " a gathering place for those dedicated to the illumination of our sublime nightmares and dark dreams " has announced its next project, the Craig McNeill-helmed THE BOY, which will begin to roll cameras on February 17th in Medellin, Colombia....
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