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Jesse Metcalfe to star in The Ninth Passenger

Production begins this week on THE NINTH PASSENGER , a thriller from director Ian Pfaff that will star Jesse Metcalfe, who is pictured above on the set of the zombie film DEAD RISING: WATCHTOWER . Written by Corey Large and Steve Albert, THE NINTH PASSENGER follows  a group of college students on a spontaneous midnight sea voyage that turns horrific when they drift...
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Trailer & release info for Grace: The Possession, starring Alexia Fast

Here's a creepy idea: witness a possession through the eyes of the possessed. That's what we'll be getting in October as Sony Pictures is set to release director Jeff Chan's GRACE: THE POSSESSION on DVD on October 28...just in time for Halloween! Alexia Fast, Lin Shaye (INSIDIOUS), Alan Dale (“Lost”), Alexis Knapp, and Joel David Moore (HATCHET) star in...
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Hear your Last Kind Words from Image Entertainment this May

This spring, Image Entertainment is going to treat you to some LAST KIND WORDS . The film, starring Brad Dourif, Spencer Daniels, Alexia Fast and Marianne Hagan, is billed as a "chilling visual nightmare that will haunt viewers long after the last credit has rolled." A serious promise, to be sure; you'll get to see if Image is up to keeping that promise this May when the film is released on...
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