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Full trailer surfaces for creature feature Dead Sea

Here's one that looks like it has something for everyone. I'm talking hot chicks in bikinis, guns, blood, horror, action, a giant serpentine sea creature...the works! A few weeks ago we brought you an early teaser for director Brandon Slagle's upcoming 'action adventure creature feature' DEAD SEA and today a full trailer for this badboy has surfaced and...
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Teaser for creature feature Dead Sea gives you another reason to fear the water

Back in August we brought you a handful of stills from director Brandon Slagle's upcoming creature feature DEAD SEA and today we have the first teaser for the film that aims to give you another reason to fear the water. Britt Griffith (SyFy's "Ghosthunters"), James Jw Wiseman, Devanny Pinn, James Duval (DONNIE DARKO), Alexis Iacono, Tawny Amber Young, Chanel Ryan, Candace Kita...
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There's something deadly in the waters of Dead Sea

There is nothing more refreshing in the hot summer months than jumping headfirst into some cool waters for a nice swim (well, except for a cold brewski or 6!), but Origin Releasing's upcoming film DEAD SEA is here to warn you that sharks may not be the only danger lurking beneath the surface. Beautiful waters and hot chicks in bikinis should be enough to bring a smile to any...
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Supernatural thriller The Black Dahlia Haunting scares up distribution

The mystery surrounding the murder of Elizabeth Short, aka The Black Dahlia, has provided inspiration for several films, including 2006's Brian De Palma-helmed THE BLACK DAHLIA as well as Ulli Lommel's exercise in patience BLACK DAHLIA, as well as being integrated into the storyline of the first season "American Horror Story". One film that seems to be taking a clever approach to the...
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