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Exclusive Clip: An ER visit offers a glimpse of madness in Urge

Director Aaron Kaufman's film URGE is being released On Demand and into select theatres today, and we have an EXCLUSIVE CLIP that provides a bloody look at the chaos it contains. Written by Kaufman, Jason Zumwalt and Jerry Stahl, URGE tells the following story: A weekend getaway takes a dangerous turn when a mysterious nightclub owner (Pierce Brosnan) introduces a...
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Take a hit of Pierce Brosnan in this trailer for Urge

Patrick Stewart isn't the only British thespian turning to the dark side this year (as he does in the violent punk spectacle GREEN ROOM ). Ex-James Bond Pierce Brosnan will step into those shoes in  URGE , in which he plays a sinister nightclub owner. Check him out in this new trailer, which details exactly how following your urges can go terribly wrong. See it below!...
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Trailer for MTV's original horror movie The Dorm, starring Alexis Knapp

"In these halls, evil lives." On Sunday, October 26, MTV will present their new original horror film THE DORM, and today we have the trailer for the Alexis Knapp-starring flick to share with ya. We first heard word about THE DORM back in February when the film was casting up, with "Degrassi" star Cassie Steele and "Teen Wolf" actor Max Lloyd...
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Trailer & release info for Grace: The Possession, starring Alexia Fast

Here's a creepy idea: witness a possession through the eyes of the possessed. That's what we'll be getting in October as Sony Pictures is set to release director Jeff Chan's GRACE: THE POSSESSION on DVD on October 28...just in time for Halloween! Alexia Fast, Lin Shaye (INSIDIOUS), Alan Dale (“Lost”), Alexis Knapp, and Joel David Moore (HATCHET) star in...
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MTV taps Alexis Knapp to headline original horror film The Dorm

More original horror-themed programming is on its way to MTV in the form of THE DORM, a psychological horror movie starring Alexis Knapp to be directed by FREDDY'S DEAD helmer Rachel Talalay from a script by Sean Hood (HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION), according to Deadline. "Degrassi" star Cassie Steele and "Teen Wolf" actor Max Lloyd Jones are joining Knapp in a...
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Sony Pictures acquires horror-thriller Grace, starring Alexia Fast

Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions has acquired Jeff Chan's horror-thriller GRACE, starring Alexia Fast (JACK REACHER) from Automatik, Oddfellows Entertainment and Colony Pictures, according to TheWrap. Chan will make his feature directorial debut with the film, which he cowrote with Chris Paré. Chan previously directed live-action shorts for Activision’s...
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Vamp u will suck your blood this February: check the new poster and trailer!

VAMP U, is a new horror/comedy that promises to bring the sexy back to the Dracula story. The movie will hit theaters and VOD February 12th, then it will go straight to the DVD shelves on March 12th and the guys at Fangoria nailed a new trailer and a new poster just for you! The flick is about a history professor who's also an ancient vampire, played by Adam Johnson ( FROZEN ), who...
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