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Jake Busey: Shane Black's film focuses on the goal of The Predator

I never thought the heavily armed creatures of the PREDATOR franchise came to our planet for any other reason than humans make for good hunting, but it sounds like Shane Black might have dug deeper into their reasoning with his "inventive sequel" THE PREDATOR . In a cool bit of casting, Jake Busey was hired to appear in THE PREDATOR as the son of the character his...
7 days ago
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Edward James Olmos says The Predator is really funny

The last word we brought you guys on Shane Black's upcoming reboot/sequel of PREDATOR was when we let you know that actor Tom Jane let slip some details on the film's plot. Today we have more updates on what to expect from Black's THE PREDATOR as co-star Edward James Olmos dropped some new details during a press junket for his new film COCO. Mainly,...
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Thomas Jane describes the set-up for Shane Black's The Predator

Director Shane Black's upcoming film THE PREDATOR has been described as an "inventive sequel" to the original PREDATOR , and it's apparently so different from what we'd expect from a sequel that some cast members have even said it's not a sequel - it's a separate story that has connections to PREDATOR and PREDATOR 2 . (Which means it's still a...
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See the lightning strike poster for The Predator in motion

A couple weeks back, we shared a picture that was taken at a licensing expo in London of a poster for director Shane Black's upcoming "inventive sequel" to PREDATOR , THE PREDATOR . Evoking a moment in which one of the human-hunting aliens we know as Predators (or Yautja if you're into the expanded universe materials) was struck by lightning in the Los Angeles-set...
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The Predator gets a striking new poster

The last word we brought you guys on Shane Black's upcoming sequel/reboot to PREDATOR was when we let you know that Fox CEO Stacey Snider called the movie  "unexpected and utterly fresh" . And today we have a look at new key art for THE PREDATOR . At first glance, the poster seems to feature lightning striking a small town, forming the head of the Predator. But upon closer...
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Confirmed: The Predator set in suburbia; Fox CEO calls it unexpected & fresh

Way back in February of this past year we let you guys know that there was a rumor going around that Shane Black's new take on PREDATOR was going to be taking place in the suburbs. And today we have confirmation. FOX CEO Stacey Snider was recently talking with Variety and let slip some info on Black & Dekker's upcoming THE PREDATOR , saying she had not been...
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Olivia Munn says The Predator is a standalone film & confirms practical FX

I think it's safe to say that one of the most highly-anticipated horror flicks coming our way in the next two years is Shane Black's reboot of THE PREDATOR . I know it damn-near tops my list of must-see movies and the fact that the film is using practical FX for The Predator and not CGI has me all in. One of the other great things about the upcoming PREDATOR reboot is the cast,...
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Keegan-Michael Key: The Predator is neither sequel nor remake

People really seem to be struggling to figure out what they should call THE PREDATOR , director Shane Black's upcoming addition to the PREDATOR franchise. Articles have referred to it as a reboot or a remake, Black himself has called it an "inventive sequel", and yet the film's star Boyd Holbrook has disagreed, saying outright that "it's not a...
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Jake Busey plays son of Gary Busey's Predator 2 character in The Predator!

The last we heard on Shane Blacks reboot of PREDATOR called THE PREDATOR was that filming had (possibly) wrapped . While that news was cool and all, today's news just might be the coolest PREDATOR-related scoop we've received in years. Turns out Jake Busey will be playing the son of Garu Busey's character from PREDATOR 2! How cool is that sh*t?! Little Busey recently...
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Shane Black's The Predator wraps filming?

Back in February, we shared the news with you guys that Shane Black's reboot of PREDATOR had begun filming with a killer cast and a glorious R-rating. Today we have news that the latest flick from Black and Dekker (that's Fred Dekker aka the man behind MONSTER SQUAD) has officially wrapped production! Well, at least little Jacob Tremblay's part has wrapped...
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First banner for The Predator is one beautiful motherf*cker

This past weekend, Collider was at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas and caught sight of this awesome new banner art for Shane Black's upcoming reboot of PREDATOR called THE PREDATOR. The new banner poster, which you can check out below, is awesome for two reasons. One, it is the very first look we have been gifted of official sales art for the flick. And two, the banner's...
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Predators have been spotted on the set of Shane Black's The Predator

Last month , images from the set of director Shane Black's THE PREDATOR , an "inventive sequel" to the 1987 classic PREDATOR , showed stars Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, and Augusto Aguilera (along with a faceless dead body) riding around on a tank. Vancouver photographer Jarrod Au has now captured another shot of this tank in action - and this time he caught a couple...
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